Each year, the living tree on Hamilton's Main Street gets taller. And the crowd that attends the annual Community Christmas Tree lighting ceremony gets bigger. This year will be no exception.

The day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 26, the Hamilton Downtown Association will light Hamilton's Christmas tree at Fourth Street and Main at 6 p.m. There will be some caroling and other Christmas music, along with the usual "5-4-3-2-1" countdown that will (hopefully) be followed with the lights coming on.

There is a pretty strong indication that Santa and an elf or two will be dropping by during his busy pre-Christmas Eve schedule. How he arrives is still being kept quiet. In past years, he's arrived by foot, on a carriage and in a hot rod. How will he be transported this year?

tree and moon
Hamilton Christmas tree and moon in a previous year. (KLYQ file photo, Townsquare Media)

The Hamilton Downtown Association (HDA) is again very thankful to the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department for installing the giant snowflakes on the downtown streetlamps. Many of the snowflake bulbs had burned out during the past years. HDA bought replacements and they were replaced by the firemen this year. Again, thanks to the volunteer firemen.

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The HDA reminds those who are doing their holiday shopping that Small Business Saturday is this weekend. When you shop at home, you're supporting folks who have kept their doors open during a very tough pandemic. They truly thank you for your support. There will be other local events through December that will provide lots of opportunities to shop at home. Montana is a great place to be during the winter holidays. People are busy decorating their homes, lawns and businesses for the Christmas season. So, Friday evening, come enjoy the Christmas tree!

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