Do you remember the Solar Eclipse in 2017? I sure do, just like it was yesterday. Working at the time in Baker, Montana for a little Mom & Pop radio station called KFLN... we all gathered excitedly outside the building, just hoping to catch a look at this rare event.

Hilarious, and Educational, Things Happened

Now, one of the biggest memories of that eclipse is not of myself... or my goofy coworkers at that time. Oh no, it was Donald Trump teaching all of America, in real time, what NOT to do when there is a solar eclipse.



Honestly, it's pretty easy. Put on Eclipse Glasses, and take a look. DON'T take them off... and look at the sun... because you want a better look.

Meanwhile, back in 2024

Anyhow... back to this year's eclipse. It's coming up QUICK. The next eclipse is scheduled for April 8th, 2024. According to, over 31 MILLION Americans live in the path of totality (full sun blockage). This, compared to 12 million in 2017, means more people than ever will get to experience this rare event.

(NASA/Aubrey Gemignani)
(NASA/Aubrey Gemignani)

Speaking of rare... what happens if you miss out this year? Will the next one be in 7 years? Nope.

In 2033, Alaska will be the only U.S. state getting the luxury of totality. Which means us plebeians in the mainland will need to wait until... 2044.

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But, hey! At least in 2044 WE lock down that path of totality, with the eclipse best seen in Western Canada, Montana and North Dakota. Take THAT, America.

Where Can I Find Glasses?

In my searching online, I found in-stock glasses at Lowes in Billings. However, a BUNCH of retailers are offering these glasses. If you want to ensure your eclipse glasses aren't just junk... check out the link below.

Sun's Out, Shades On: A Look Back at Eclipses Through the Ages

The United States is set to witness a historic total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Before you put on your safety glasses to look up, let's look back at the eclipses of the past.

Gallery Credit: Meg Dowdy

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