Did you smell that? The aroma differs depending on which area of Billings you are travelling in. I have lived in Billings for almost 26 years and am pretty used to the aromas.  I know most of you are pretty used to the aroma of the:

  • Western Sugar Co-Op (Sugar Beet Factory) on the south end of Billings
  • Billings Sewer and Waste Water Treatment Plant (Southeast of the Metra)
  • Three refineries within 20 Miles of Downtown Billings which include:
    • Exxon Mobil Refinery
    • Phillips 66 Refinery
    • CHS Laurel Refinery
  • Multiple Cattle Feedlots to the West of Billings

The aromas are truly seasonal.  The smell of the sugar beet factory is easy to recognize, same with horrible stench of the water treatment plant at the base of the Heights. I kinida feel sorry for the people that live in that neighborhood. When you are coming around the corner of Bench Road just before the Centennial Arena, you can really get a good smell of Billings waste.  Growing up in Miles City, I definitely got used to the cattle manure stank coming from Billings West End, it's not soo bad.

One of the aromas I have encountered lately, which I know is not new to Billings, but to me it is, its the aroma of sour milk coming from the Meadow Gold Milk Factory on 28th and First Avenue South.

Meadow Gold
Tim Chamberlain, Townsquaremedia

Have any of you smelled that thick, permeable odor sour milk that you cannot get away from in this area? My gag reflexes were on point that night, however, I am not  going to get used to that smell. Ever!!

Maybe someday we can be like Palo Alto, Calif., where they have extraordinarily huge fans that blow over a sea of roses to bless the area of a delightful aroma.

We love it when it rains, then you can't smell any of those nasty aromas of Billings, other than the wonderful scent of rain.

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