Yes, I know, it's that time of year.  It is actually my favorite time of year until I have to rake the leaves.  I did that all day Sunday and will continue to do that until the snow flies.  I'm old school in leaf raking.  I grab a rake, push them to a pile and then take the trash can with a bag in it, and push it in the can.  I can count on maybe 30 bags by the time I'm done.  My wife on the other hand, insists that I use the "Leaf-a-nator 1000".  It blows AND sucks.  I gave in this year and used both of it's functions.  Dang, if my wife wasn't right again.  Oh sure my back still hurts from holding up the Leaf-a-nator 1000, but I reduced my amount of bags by 20!  It mulches, it eats, it spits out leaves.  It also is heavy, awkward, has to be emptied every 3 minutes.  I  would love to just cut down the trees and save me from this annual ritual, but I do love this time of year.  That and the fact my next door neighbor to the West, loves his trees...( if you get my drift)

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