Everyone wanted to see ‘The Avengers.’ Some of you out there with overactive imaginations probably want to BE The Avengers. But does anyone – anyone, at all – want to smell like The Avengers? Because if so, we’ve got you covered.

JADS International specializes in personal fragrances and unique products “with a meaning,” according to their official site. The company has capitalized on a market, and if you ask me, it’s brilliant. They’re making scents that refer to big-screen franchises. ‘The Avengers,’ ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars’ are just a few of the movies inspiring fragrances in a bottle at JADS.

And the packaging is beyond awesome. They’re modeled after the four main Avengers – “Patriot” for Cap, “Smash” for Hulk, and so on. But they also have a Black Widow perfume (for the ladies, of course), a Loki scent, and “Infinity,” which is “cologne based on Nick Fury.”

Terrifying. Fury’s an intense dude. He’s always wearing the same black outfit underneath a black trench coat. He has been seen in some tense battle situations … the kind that make a secret agent sweat. I don’t want to know what Fury smells like under that coat, unless S.H.I.E.L.D. also sponsors a deodorant that protects heroes against wetness AND odor!

A bottle of “Smash” – or any of the scents – will run you $29.99, or you can grab a four-pack for $59.99. Here’s a vintage interview with the man behind the Marvel fragrances at JADS. Let’s hope these colognes and perfumes make the sweaty masses at Comic-Con each year smell just a tiny bit better.

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