Mopey singer Lana Del Rey may or may not have hooked up with the man of her dreams, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose.

Video of the two of them emerging together from the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, Calif. on Friday night has hit the interwebz, but even if you don’t care about their respective love lives (and really, who could blame you), what Axl said in that clip about GnR may still warrant your attention.

Del Rey, 25, has a well-known thing for the 50-year-old Rose. Before she made it big with her hit ‘Video Games,’ she did a little ditty called ‘Axl Rose Husband,’ whose lyrics don’t make a whole lot of sense but do apparently indicate she considers Rose some sort of god.

Anyway, TMZ caught the pair coming out of the Chateau Marmont — which, for those you who don’t know, is a famous hotel with a restaurant frequented by the rich and famous — and even though the paparazzi couldn’t wait to alert the world to the possible coupling of Rose and a chick young enough to be his daughter, one cameraman did think to ask about the possibility of GnR doing a reunion tour with the “full lineup.”

Rose’s crystal-clear reply? “Not in this lifetime.”

GnR are set to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 14, so interest in the original band members has reached a fevered pitch lately, with everyone wanting to know if they’ll reunite for a performance.

The acrimony between Axl and the rest of the guys is legendary, and with Slash recently saying Rose “hates his guts” and Steven Adler calling the new GnR members “hacks” and “scabs,” it doesn’t seem like anyone’s anxious to kiss and make up.

And since questions still remain over whether Izzy Stradlin and Rose will even appear at the Hall of Fame induction, we’ll be pretty surprised if the whole gang is even willing to share the stage long enough to accept the honors before they go back to sniping at one another.

Watch Axl Rose Shoot Down GnR Reunion Tour Possiblities

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