Most of the time I don't leave my production room for lunch.  Most places where you can get something hot to eat just seem to take longer than I have for lunch.  But yesterday I went to the B-Town Grill.

Not only was it quick and reasonably priced.  The quality of the food was outstanding.  They are known for their phillies.  Most people can do a philly cheese steak right but a chicken philly, that's another story.  I mean, how many times have you ordered chicken at a restaurant and it's chewy!?  Yuck!

Pictured above is the chicken philly I had, now, keep in mind that is only a half.  The full size is twice that big.  The chicken was quality, seasoned right and served fast enough that I made it back to work on time.  No chewy chicken on that philly, I ate all the chicken that fell off the sandwich too.

Love ya B-Town Grill, mean it!  Will be back to try your burger soon.  -D