I've been told that it can get cold in Montana and I experienced that firsthand the night Chris Young brought his concert to town. When my family and I left that show, I literally thought my fingers were going to fall off and I was wearing gloves. Fourteen degree is a definite brrr for me.

Of course, we're not out of the woods yet. Forecasters are are saying that as we go through our holidays, things are going to get much cooler again and again.

But I'm not complaining too much, according to a survey, Billings is not one of the coldest cities in the nation. There are several of our sister cities in Montana that are on the list though. What's odd for me about this list is that I have lived in Idaho Falls, Idaho, which is on the list, but I feel it to be cooler here than what I experienced there. Strange? It's all in the layers I suppose.

One thing about it, when it gets cold things freeze and they freeze hard. This includes the ice and snow on roads. This can make for some very interesting driving conditions in the Big Sky State.

I wrote a blog about this not too long ago and I highly recommend you be prepared for whatever mother nature decides to throw our way this winter. There are far too many deaths because of wintry roads and I believe caution along with preparation can save lives.

Please be safe this winter, Cat Pack. And, of course, stay warm.