Remember Max Baucus? He was the longtime Democrat Senator from Montana who became chair of the "powerful Senate Finance Committee." Baucus used his post to go after his political opponents, similar to how the January 6th Committee is going after their political opponents.

If you missed Tucker Carlson's Friday night interview and segment with Steve Bannon, it is a must-see. Tucker pointed out how Bannon is being politically targeted with prosecution for contempt of Congress, something that hasn't been prosecuted since the 1970s. Why didn't Lois Lerner get prosecuted when she was held in contempt of Congress, for example?

Who is Lois Lerner? She headed up the IRS under former President Obama. She was there when Baucus served in the Senate. Baucus used his position as Finance Committee chair to target conservative groups. Lerner was eventually held in contempt of Congress over targeting of conservative groups. But was she ever prosecuted for it? Of course not.

Lois Lerner should have been prosecuted. She wasn't. Max Baucus should be federally investigated alongside of Hunter Biden for his business dealings with China. Will he? Doubtful. Especially when his own son now works in the US Attorney's office.

Commit actual crimes in the DC establishment, and you'll be let off the hook, as long as you're anti-Trump. Refuse to talk to some Soviet-style show trial sham of a committee- they go after you.

By the way- here's a story I did on Baucus and Hunter Biden back in October...of 2020! You can read more about Baucus and his Chinese business ties in Peter Schweizer's book "Red Handed."


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