Sorry Bat-fans. If you were looking for a new Batman movie some time soon, you're going to get disappointed. It looks like we won't see a 'Dark Knight' reboot for quite a while. So what's the hold up?

With the 'Dark Knight' and Batman franchise pulling in big bucks for Warner Bros., you'd think they would want the new era of Batman films to be in theaters sooner rather than later. Which is true. But first, they're aiming even bigger: the 'Justice League' movie.

Batman-on-Film reports that the new rebooted Batman will appear in 'Justice League' in 2015 (obviously) but those plans push back the start date for a new Batman film until 2017 at the earliest. And as they question, why would you want to introduce a new Batman in a team film only to risk audiences not connecting with the new actor/take on the character? Wouldn't it make more sense to introduce the new Batman and then work him into the 'Justice League' film?

Perhaps, but Warner Bros. doesn't want to wait that long. Every year they delay 'Justice League' - their answer to Marvel's 'The Avengers' - is one year they let Marvel continue to assert its dominance on the marketplace. They know they need to strike while the iron is hot and they don't have time to prep a Batman reboot first and further delay a 'Justice League' film (even if it does make the most sense). Again, the big concern is that 'Justice League' bombs and then Warner Bros. will have to essentially reboot their reboot, which could delay a new Batman film even longer.

So while you will see a new Batman, you won't get to see him in his own adventures for a while.

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