Belly up to the bar and begin the beer debate!

Today, we pose the question of which city in Montana deserves the honors of BEST breweries. This list is worthy of arguing over, but when you have the resources of The North American Brewers Association 2015 awards to solidify our claims, then we can't be THAT far off with our assumptions.

As most of us know already, Montana dominated the NABA beer awards this year, but which city truly deserves to be considered the best of the best in Big Sky country? Let's present them...

  1. Missoula
  2. Billings
  3. Bozeman
  4. Helena
  5. Whitefish
  6. Livingston
  7. Philipsburg
  8. Red Lodge
  9. Lakeside
  10. Bigfork
Missoula and Billings are practically neck and neck with the awards from the NABA, but since Missoula also doubles as a second home for Lakeside's Tamarack and Bigfork's Flathead Lake Brewing Co., then Missoula is the one to come out on top.
Now that we put ourselves out there with this controversial list, you are welcome to tear it apart as you see fit in the comments below. Still, we did get quite a bit of help from the awards that were issued. Feel free to compare our notes with the full list of NABA winners here.

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