The Thrillist had an article today, Best thing about all 50 States.  What do you think they listed from Montana?  You know I'm going to tell you but if you had to guess what would you say?

They have listed Glacier Park as the best thing.  They got a good point.  Montana is also a great place if you love micro brews.  Between Billings and Bozeman and everywhere in between.  We have some great beer here in Montana.

Oregon was noted for having great breweries.  North Carolina has Michael Jordon listed, as someone who lived in Wilmington NC, home of MJ.  It makes sense, people are very proud that he played there.  As someone who grew up in Nebraska, they have listed Indian Caves, ever seen one of those?

If your planning a road trip this summer.  The article above might give you an idea about what you need to stop and see.

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