When the 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV show failed to get off the ground, word was that Paramount might instead go with a new film installment of the franchise (which had been rumored for a while, with Brett Ratner supposedly set to direct it). The latest rumblings suggest a fourth film might happen, with Eddie Murphy reuniting with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who was behind the first two movies.

This is the word from Variety, who quote sources that Bruckheimer is in talks to come back as a producer, and bringing him back makes sense. Though Murphy achieved super-stardom pretty quickly, it was 'Beverly Hills Cop' that proved he was a phenomenon, so perhaps Bruckheimer can help guide the production as someone who was there from the beginning.

That said, it's also worth noting that Bruckheimer is coming off of a string of high-profile failures, with 'The Lone Ranger' the most recent. Bruckheimer had his shingle set up at Walt Disney, but other than the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films, or possibly a third 'National Treasure' movie, it's unlikely he's got a lot of pull around the studio any more. And as the Variety article also mentions Bruckheimer developing 'Bad Boys III' and 'Top Gun 2,' it seems that he's trying to return to his previous successes to help bolster his career.

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