On November 4th of last year, there was a 10 hour stand off at Big Bear Sports Center in Billings.  That stand off lead to on man dead and the store and it's inventory heavily damaged.  30 year old Frank Half Jr was killed during an exchange of gunfire with police.  Half had driven an SUV into the business store front and then barricaded himself in the store.  Damage to the building included a broken water line.  According to the city administrators office, Big Bear has yet to file a claim with the city seeking compensation for the damages incurred by Billings Police during the standoff.  Now comes word that the Montana based sporting goods store has sold its Great Falls location and will close the store.  The future of the location here in Billings won't be finalized until the company finishes the claim process with its insurance company.  Big Bear was a long time fixture in Billings and it's just another blow to our local market.

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