Less than 6 hours after a Department of Interior team discovered the body of Selena Faye Not Afraid, Big Horn County Sheriff Big Hair released a statement that "foul play was not suspected at this time."

Now, the Big Horn County Attorney is saying he won't rule out foul play in her death until "all necessary and proper investigative leads are followed and all available evidence is reviewed and scrutinized."

In a press release, Big Horn County Attorney Jay Harris reminded the community of a standard of conduct that would be part of this investigation:

The Big Horn County Attorney's Office represents the State of Montana in all State criminal prosecutions in Big Horn County. No characterizations of evidence or promises of immunity by the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office are binding upon the State of Montana in a criminal prosecution.

Big Horn County Attorney Harris said his office advised the Big Horn Co. Sheriff's Office on January 14 that the search for Not Afraid was considered a criminal investigation. Harris has also advised Big Horn County Sheriff Big Hair "not to make further public comment regarding this matter, unless done with consultation of the County Attorney," according to the press release.

"The public should rest assured that any provable State criminal activities surrounding the circumstances of the disappearance of Selena Not Afraid will be brought to accountability in a timely fashion," said Big Horn County Attorney Harris via press release.

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