I've had several folks in Billings and Yellowstone County email or call the show asking for more information about who to vote for in the upcoming elections. They especially want to know who to vote for when it comes to judicial races. The questions are especially coming from voters with a Christian conservative worldview.

In case you're interested, the Big Sky Worldview Forum has brought several top-notch Christian and conservative speakers to town for their events. Dick Pence, who heads up the Big Sky Worldview Forum also put together the below voter guide.

Here is the full voter guide, shared with Pence's permission:


Voter Guide Information Update– Montana

Calling Conservatives and Christians to Responsible Citizenship

We are asking you to take time and forward this information.   (The LINKS will take you to PDF documents that can be downloaded or printed – can also be found at bigskyworldview.org under Resources/Library/ Voter information.)

The Kavanaugh hearings were perhaps the most stark wake-up call in our life time.  They exposed the Progressives in a way that should make thinking people ask if they want to live in that America.  This was no anomaly, this is who they have become.

We understand that being an informed voter can be a bit of a “swamp” and we want to help.  Government is an important “sphere” in our culture that is of interest to all people of faith because policy promotes practice.  The information we will present is primarily from the Family Research Council, Montana Family Foundation, and conservative sources.  The side by side comparisons are truthful and worth your consideration.

These are the Documents included.  In case the LINKs don’t work for you, they can be found on the Big Sky Worldview Forum web site under Resources/Library/Voters Guide.

In the first two documents – Congress/Senate documents - there is a treasure trove of LINKS on the second page documenting the findings.

  • Greg Gianforte vs. Kathleen Williams – Issues Comparison from the Family Research Council. Shows that Williams is Pro-Choice, supports Planned Parenthood, supports Obama Care, favors higher taxes, and gets an F rating from the NRA.  Gianforte is the opposite.  (And more)
  • Matthew Rosendale vs. Jon Tester – Issues Comparisons from FRC. This will show that Tester is Pro-Choice, supports Planned Parenthood, supports Obama Care, supports the death-tax, is week on Religious Liberty, opposed the tax cut, and voted against both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.  Rosendale is the opposite. (And more).
  • 2016 – 2020 Platform Comparisons – Democrats vs. Republicans from FRC. An excellent birds-eye-view comparing platforms.  Includes areas such as the sanctity of life, redefining marriage, religious liberty, sex education, terrorism and more.  If you’re reading this, odds are that the “D’s” platform is the opposite of almost everything you value.
  • Yellowstone County Republican Woman’s guide.   This guide will help you see candidates and issues for this county.  It can also be seen at bigskyworldview.org under Resources, Library, Voters Guide, Yellowstone county women.  It lists all of the Republican and conservative candidates and issues.
  • Judicial Court Campaign Donations History One of the most confusing issues is Judges – how do I determine a candidates views in these “non-partisan” races?  This document tells you the giving patterns of the judicial candidates – which party they supported financially.
    • If you don’t know who is running in your district follow these instructions. First, you can go to mt.gov and go to Court Locator and hit View Details.  This will take you to a page (go down a bit) where you can put in your county or city.  Then hit the GO NOW button.  IF… nothing happens, your Pop Up blocker may have blocked you.  If so, look up in the address bar on the right and click on the little symbol and select “always allow from this web page.” For example, in Yellowstone County, this will tell you, you’re in the 13th Judicial District.
    • Now, if you go back to the document Judicial Court Campaign Donations History you will see who these candidates donated to. For example, District 13, you will see that Collette Davies gave $5,770 to Democrats.  Julie Pierce also gave only to Democrats.  This tells you a lot and then you can ask those you trust for more information.  At the bottom, it also tells you that both candidates for the Montana Supreme Court gave only to Democrats. You do not have to vote for them.  They will probably be elected but this is your opportunity to send them a message.
    • Judicial Candidates Campaigns Donations by Percentage.   This document tells you the percentages each judicial candidate gave to respective parties.  As an example, both Collette Davies and Julie Pierce gave 100% of their donations to Democrats in Yellowstone County.
    • This Pie Chart of Judicial Candidate Donations by Party tells you that of all the judicial candidates, they gave 87% of their contribution to Democrats. This may motivate you to find out more.
    • Finally, Total Contributions by Current Supreme Court Candidates by Party. This pie chart shows in graphic form that both candidates Beth Baker and Ingrid Gustafson’s donations have been to Democrats.  Our supreme court is arguably the most liberal in America.  Bowen Greenwood is running for their clerk.  While he has no vote, he does understand the issues and can have conversations.
    • This document, Judges Forum – Yellowstone County Republican Women – is given as an example of the kind of information that may help you make good decisions. Inquire from party leaders.  As an example, you will see that two of the candidates (Pierce and Davis) appeared to see our Constitution as a “Living Document.”
  • Ballot Issues: (Our comments or recommendations)
    • I-185 Vote NO. This may seem good because it raises taxes on tobacco products.  In reality, this is Medicaid Expansion that fails to pay for itself.  It is a permanent tax increase with the largest portion going to the general fund and NOT to health care for Veterans as they claim.  What the tobacco tax does not cover will be paid for by YOU.       Senator Nels Swandal (Former Judge in MT. 6th Judicial District) writes of Constitutional Flaws in I-185A Veterans Leader’s Response to I-185 is an article by a friend who is in leadership with veterans organizations.  He makes a solid case for why this is NOT good for our veterans.  Here you see the blatant dishonesty of the Left.  They actually falsified who was in their ad.  Don’t Fall for i-185 Deception is a well written article that really exposes how this will lock in Medicaid Expansion that is and will bankrupt Montana.
    • I-186 Vote NO. This is vague legislation designed to shut down mining in Montana.  It is discussed as promoting clean water.  We already have some of the strictest mining reclamation laws in the nation.  We don’t need more regulations attempting to shut down 12,000 high paying jobs.
    • LR-128 Vote No. Continues a 6-Mill Levy for support of Montana Universities.  In 2016, Montana was one of only 7 states showing an increase in the 10 year average of spending per student.  Meanwhile, MSU Bozeman turned down $6 million for a research facility from the Charles Koch Foundation.  If they can say NO to free money, they don’t need ours.
    • LR-129 Vote YES. Prohibits Collection of another’s ballot without authorization.  This will stop those with bad intentions from collecting ballots while still allowing help for some who need it from those who are authorized.
  • Finally, you will find this link Montana Voters Guide from the Montana Family Foundation. Some of this info is the same.  Stay tuned on this platform, they will be adding information as the campaigns progress.

We hope that this information is helpful and that you will pass it on.


Dick Pence – Coordinator

Big Sky Worldview Forum & Montana Pastors Network


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