Did you make it to the first bike night last week at Nickels Casino?  What a good time that was.  I know there were rumors that there would be no bike night this year.  Proved those rumors wrong last week.

I saw so many people I haven't seen since last fall out there.  And this is why bike night is great.  All different patches and different levels of riders there as well.  Be sure to shine up your bike. This week as we head to Beartooth Harley Davidson for bike night.

Big thanks to Briggs Distributing and Beartooth Harley Davison for sponsor this event. Bike nights start at 6pm and go until at least 9pm if not longer.  While your out there this week make sure to sign up to win the Sturgis Trip.

Above is my favorite pic from Bike Night last week.  If you don't like to have fun, don't come!