Billings businesses may be about to kiss parking lot parties goodbye. A program previously offered only to downtown Billings businesses is now being offered to every business in the city. It's aimed at those shops that have had gatherings of non-customers on their property after hours. If you have a business like that, you may be interested in the Billings Trespass Enforcement Program.

The Program Gives a Level of Accountability to Trespassers

According to a press release from the City of Billings, a business that signs up for the Trespass Enforcement Program allows Billings Police officers to issue warnings, court summons, or even arrest trespassers on the business property even when the owner or employees aren't present.

Of course, officers will use their own discretion depending on the severity of the trespass. However, by signing up for the program, you don't have to be notified and asked by the police to deal with the trespassers. Also, those who are given trespass warnings may also not be allowed to go to that property during the day, as the police will release the information regarding them to the business owners when available.

This Program was Originally for Downtown Businesses

Patrol Sergeant Brad Mansur of the Billings Police Department stated that downtown Billings has had this program in place for two years to great effect. He encourages those who haven't signed up for the service to do so because if not, they'll have to call the police first.

[Businesses] have to initiate the phone call and let us know they don't approve of the person's presence. But, if they're busy, we'll never get a phone call and it's just going to continue happening.

Sgt. Mansur, Billings Police Department

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Those who aren't signed up for the Trespass Enforcement Program can print and fill out the form listed here. The program does not include residential properties or apartments. If you have any questions, you are encouraged to contact the Billings Police Department.

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