We might be able to legally buy marijuana in Billings pretty soon. Our city council looked at it this week and made some changes to where, when, and how we're going to get our pot. We still get to vote on whether or not that is going to be allowed, but that's not what I'm thinking about.

Much like our city council, I'm thinking about where these pot shops will be allowed to set up. They want sales to be limited to heavy and light industrial zones and heavy commercial zones. So places like sections along Montana Avenue and Main Street in the Heights.

I'm not a pot smoker so I don't know if "getting the munchies", i.e. getting hungry, is what happens when you smoke a bowl, a bag, a doobie, or whatever unit of measure that you use when partaking. But, if it is true, and the voters decide that they want in-town pot sales, I have a suggestion. Sell pot in locations as close to taco places as possible. I've been told that they go great together. Even most, "not high" people love tacos.

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Maybe at some point down the road, we allow businesses to sell tacos and pot together! "Hey man, I'll take a number three with extra hot sauce and biggie size my grass, please. Man."

Of course, I'm kidding. I'm at the age where I've already seen some things that I never thought I would. I'm extremely against legal pot. And when debating my "pro-pot" friends I always ask them "Have you ever not been able to get some marijuana when you were looking for it?" I've never had one person say no.

Make sure you vote on this one, please.

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