I'll start by disclosing that I LOVE dive bars. Dark, dingy saloons with years of character are some of my favorite hideouts, and unpretentious places with stiff drinks, interesting people, and friendly bartenders are tough to beat. The more personality an old bar offers, the better. Include that faint, lingering smell of cigarette smoke, that no amount of cleaning or deodorizing sprays can truly remove (smoking has been banned at bars in Montana since 2009) and I'll feel right at home.

Credit: Jupiter Images
Credit: Jupiter Images

Billings has its fair share of what some would consider dive bars, but one man's dive bar could very well be another man's favorite watering hole. The Rainbow usually comes to mind and you might include others like:

  • The 11:45 Club
  • Tap Inn
  • Lee's Saloon
  • Reno Club
  • The Monte
  • Second Shift
  • Andy's

Miller High Life is jumping on dive bar popularity with its Valentine's Day contest. Because people can - and do - fall in love at dive bars, the Champagne of Beers would like to hear all the sordid details on how you met your true love at that seedy bar. Quite possibly after your fourth or fifth shot of tequila?

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The rules are pretty simple. Just shoot the folks at Miller High Life an email at divebarlovers@promo.millerhighlife.com, and tell them in 150 words or less about meeting your sweetheart at a dive bar. Bonus points if it happened when you were 8 beers deep into a Tuesday morning day-drunk. The winner gets a catered dinner for two, romantically set in your neighborhood dive bar, plus $20,000 cash. The entry deadline is 2/14/21 at 11:59 pm. You can see the full details HERE.

Got a favorite dive bar in Montana? Let's hear it.

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