Thinkstock[/caption]After watching the video below, I have no doubt that other countries simply can't drive. Some of the most stupid things I have ever seen was included in this video. It baffles my mind to see some of the things some people think is ok when driving.

It's everywhere. Every country has it's stupid drivers including this one in every state. No one is perfect but some people miss that mark by a very large distance.

I've seen some pretty interesting things just on my way to work right here in Billings. People doing their makeup, eating breakfast that you would never imagine you could eat while driving and much more. I even saw a guy one time getting dressed while driving down 1st Ave. Crazy! The ultimate wasn't even in this state though. While I was driving truck, I saw a woman with a power adapter on her curling iron curling her hair while going down the interstate. Really? No fear of burning yourself when you hit that bump and flying off the road?

Billings even has Facebook pages for those parking and driving impaired. Better be careful, you might see a picture of your vehicle if you don't use the brain a little when it comes to your motor vehicle.

So what's the craziest thing you've seen on our Billings streets? Holla at me and tell me all about it at 406-248-5665.