Look, I understand that running is popular. For bizarre reasons (unbeknownst to me), many people actually enjoy running. They do it on purpose. Not just to escape danger, but for fun. Some sick endorphin rush or something, is what I've heard. Just the thought of running any further than the end of my cul-de-sac pretty much wipes me out. I never feel left out when everyone around me is signing up for another "fun run", half-marathon, 10k, 5k or whatever K. Why can't they just say miles??

I'm just teasing, runners, so don't get your ultralight, high-performance shoes in a tangle. And you're right, I really should exercise more, maybe starting with a real slow jog. Until then, I'll begin my training for a triathlon that is WAY more my speed. It's the 3rd annual Lazy Bum Triathlon, March 13th at the Columbia Club (aka the KC Hall) at 2216 Grand Ave in Billings.

The triad of ultimate lazy bum "sports" at this fantastic event are: cornhole, cribbage and mini golf.  Awesome. None of those require a drop of running, which is right up my alley. It's also at a bar, making the event even more attractive. The $50 entry fee for two-person teams will benefit Kicks for Kids 406. Singles pay $30 each and will be paired up on event day. The games begin at noon on March 13th. This is an all-ages event and families are welcome.

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Perhaps you can use the Lazy Bum Triathlon as a warm up to our annual St. Patty's Pub Golf Tournament. It's coming up on March 20th. Watch for details.

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