Billings loves Kiss; the proof is in the picture above. Have you seen this downtown yet?  You can find this Kiss mural on the outside of the new record store downtown. Smiling Dog Records downtown sports this mural, which was painted by a local artist. So, are we Kiss fans here in Billings? Heck, yes!

Kiss will be in Bozeman on July 16th. Sam and I have your tickets this week. Just listen to win.  We promise not to make you do anything too crazy for them. Break out your kiss shirts, Paul Stanley doll and crack open a bottle of Kiss wine. It's time to make plans to go see a great show this summer.

Below are three strange Kiss songs. What do you think of the Japanese pop group?

  • 1

    When You Wish Upon A Star

    Weird doesn’t necessarily mean bad. It turns out that seeing ‘Pinocchio’ as a child was a big moment in young Gene’s life. The movie spoke deeply to him and inspired him to chase his dreams.

  • 2

    Going Blind

    This track was not only covered by Kiss but also by the Melvins.

  • 3

    Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina

    Kiss teams up with a Japanese pop girl group.  Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina, it's different.  What do you think?