Motorists in downtown Billings are adjusting to the change of one-way to two-way streets on N. 29th and N. 30th Street, and while that's been a challenge, the real issue drivers seem to have is the new way to park on these streets.

The two-way traffic conversion has been completed as part of the Downtown Traffic Improvement Project, along with the change from head-in to back-in angle parking on these streets, which is a first for Billings.

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According to the Billings Public Works department, there are several advantages to back-in angle parking, which gives drivers a better line of sight to cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles. Back-in angle parking also provides safer access to unload and load vehicle storage, and allows for the best position to exit the vehicle.

Billings Public Works has been sharing videos and images on social media that shows how to correctly utilize back-in angle parking on these new two-way streets, and while they say it's as "easy as 1, 2, 3," some drivers are still pulling head first into open parking spots.

To help curb the problem, parking enforcement has been seen actively monitoring back-in spaces in downtown Billings, and yet there are still drivers incorrectly pulling into the open spots 'head-in.'

According to the back-in angle parking directions on the Billings public works website, here are the 3 steps to take before backing into an open spot:

  1. Use your right turn signal to let other drivers know you are going to park
  2. Drive forward just past the space you intend to use and stop
  3. Reverse into the parking space, using the pavement markings to guide you

CLICK HERE to read more about the Downtown Billings Traffic Improvement Project.

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