As a native of Great Falls, I still get people who will message me and ask what the top tourist attractions are in my hometown. They want to know the best things to see and the best places to eat.

My list always starts with Giant Springs State Park. It's beautifully unique. And is the source of the Roe River, which is America's shortest river, according to the Guinness Book Of Records.

But I don't have a definitive list of touristy things to do and see when my friends come to Billings. I mean I'll send them to Cody to see the Buffalo Bill Museum. Or even suggest a run up to Bozeman for a visit to the Museum Of The Rockies.

But what can they see here in Billings without having to travel too far? Sure we can start up on the rims. Take a few pictures. It doesn't take very much time.

Next is the Moss Mansion tour. Followed by a walk-through of Zoo Montana. I've never been to the Yellowstone Art Museum. But I have been through the Western Heritage Center.

I guess that I could run my guests out to Pompeys Pillar. But that attraction won't eat up much of the day either. Same with the Pictograph Caves.

After these places, I start suggesting golf courses and steak houses. I know more about those types of places than I do anything historical in our area.

So which attractions am I missing?

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