This past Saturday I did a live broadcast from the Cricket Wireless store at 301 S. 24th Street W.

The weather was great and conditions couldn't have been better for this 2 hour stint of talking about cell phones live on the radio.

There was one thing that my tech and I sat back and watch that didn't surprise us, but more or less made us shake our heads in amazement.

We saw 2 car collisions within the 2 hours that we were set up in front of the store.

I have done a lot of broadcasts on this street and have seen my fair share of close calls. Seeing 2 collisions, one of those causing quit a bit of damage, just  made me sit back and think of how grateful I was for not driving that road at the particular time.

It is so busy on 24th West and people seem to just fly on it without thinking of all of those around them. It really is an every man for himself street if I ever saw one.

Please try to slow down and keep the eyelids open to what is in front of you.