I think most of us have felt that bump in the road, especially while driving around Montana.

You know what I'm talking about.

Eating roadkill is now legal in the U.S. state, under a new law that took effect in 2013. Since then, literally hundreds of permits have been issued to collect the, ahem, meat.

Montana’s roadkill law allows a person to pick up deer, elk, moose or antelope.

That is beyond gross to me, but there are obviously those that do this despite the thought.

And, it looks like Montana isn't the only one in the roadkill business.

A fish and wild game supper is now featuring some Vermont road kill on the menu.

New York's WPTZ-TV reports Hotel Vermont will offer three animals injured or killed on the road as it hosts the Wild About Vermont event on Nov. 7. The event will feature a game supper with donations from hunters and fishermen in the state.

Residents say it's a quirky and interesting idea.

The supper will cost $75 and will be prepared by chef Doug Paine. Also on the menu will be deer, bear, moose and muskrat.

Paine says it will be delicious and well worth trying. He says he's sure many residents haven't tried beaver but would probably like it if they did.

Would you ever eat road kill?