When you go down the list of "animals not to mess with", Bison and Grizzly Bear seem to be toward the top of the list.

Yellowstone is known for their majestic wildlife and when two of the biggest cross paths, it becomes quite the battle. This video taken by YouTube user Michael Daus, shows the battle between a bison and grizzly taking place in the middle of the afternoon on May 31st of 2020. This video is a  year old, but very important to remember how dangerous these animals can be if you get too close.

While watching the video, you see that the grizzly was relentless and never stopped battling the bison. Even when the matchup headed to the water the grizzly kept fighting and biting, ensuring a win for #teamgrizzly.

Michael has lived near Yellowstone for many years and decided to take a quick day trip into the park. Being familiar with the area and having knowledge of the animal behavior, he knew that it was smart to stay a good distance away from either of the animals. He states in the caption of the video that they knew there was a bear in the area and took the necessary steps to avoid any interaction with the bear.

We knew the bear was in the area, as we saw it near the road, less than a mile before turning into the parking lot for the grand Prismatic Overlook hike. While there was a steady flow of walkers, we carried bear spray and remained on the lookout for the bear the entire time.

This is a good example of nature being nature and if you get too close to a grizzly or a bison bad things can happen. SO, be like Michael and know how to remain safe.

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