There's' nothing about a reissue that disturbs me, but how did I miss Deep Purple's Ian Gillan fronting Black Sabbath?    Peter Hodgson again with the scoop.

Black Sabbath’s 1983 album Born Again is getting the reissue treatment in May, hot on the heels of the recent Eternal Idol and Seventh Star releases.

The Born Again lineup included Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan and original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, who left the band prior to the recording of Mob Rules, their second album with Ronnie James Dio. The album has been out of print on CD for some time, and the expanded reissue will include a live set from the era as well as unreleased studio material.

The bonus material includes the unreleased track “The Fallen” and an extended version of “Stonehenge,” the song that inspired the stage backdrop, which inspired This is Spinal Tap’s famous Stonehenge sequence. The live portion was recorded at the Reading festival in August 1983 and includes Born Again tracks “Zero the Hero” and “Digital Bitch” as well as Sabbath classics (including “War Pigs,” “Paranoid” and “Iron Man” and Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water.”

The deluxe, expanded edition of Born Again will be released by Sanctuary on May 30.

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