This year the Songwriters Hall Of Fame inducted legendary recording artist Bob Seger on June 14 during their 43rd annual ceremony and awards presentation. The multi-platinum songwriter was humble in accepting, and performed an inspiring version of his 1973 hit ‘Turn The Page’, perhaps his most known tune.

On the red carpet, Bob was asked by Artisan News his opinion about famed rock band Metallica‘s version of his song, which appeared on the band’s 1998 covers/compilation album ‘Garage Inc.’ His response was accompanied by a big smile, saying, “I loved it. It was great. They told me they were going to do it. I really liked the drums especially. Our drums are really simple and oh, what a cool take on it.”

Metallica’s version proved to be a fantastic tribute to the 67-year-old rock and roll singer/songwriter. The overall tone is heavier, and the rockers did away with the saxophone part, adding in a slide guitar line by Kirk Hammett throughout the entire tune… something that gives it that special Metallica touch.

Making their version stand out even more so is the fact that Metallica had acclaimed Swedish director Jonas Akerlund come in to shoot the ‘Turn The Page’ video, which follows the life of a stripper who moonlights as a prostitute in an attempt to raise her only daughter. Cheery stuff — fun for the whole family!

Watch Bob Seger’s Interview with Artisan News

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