Temperatures Soar To Highest Of The Year

It is quite possible that we could have a break from the heat on Wednesday with a high of 79 degrees.  It's only for a day or two but why take advantage of it miss work.  "ya, uh boss, I forgot I have a hearing test at Costco on Wednesday and you what a mad house Costco is on Wednesday!"  It probably won't work but it's worth the effort.  One thing I've noticed during this heatwave is people in the park.  If it's so HOT, why sit in the park.  I'd rather drive in an air conditioned car.  Another thing weird about park people is what they do, or I should say, don't do.  It's one person sitting on a blanket looking at their cell phone.  I find it a lot easier to sit in my recliner in air conditioning and look at my phone.  Somehow, sitting in 95 degree heat staring at facebook posts is just not appealing to me.  Now I could handle it in 79 degree heat, so Wednesday I'm off to Costco for my hearing exam.

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