We may have already teased at how epic Arnold's big Super Bowl 2014 ad was going to be, but what actually happens in this commercial goes way beyond anything we were ever expecting from Bud Light.

This amazing Bud Light commercial starts off hidden camera-style as an average-looking guy sitting at a table in a bar is approached by a gorgeous girl. The girl introduces herself as Kelly and offers him a Bud Light. Kelly asks, "if I give you this, are you ready for whatever happens next?" At that very second, the commercial freezes, indicating that everyone at the bar is an actor, except for Ian, the normal guy. Ian nonchalantly agrees, and what happens afterwards is one of the greatest nights a guy can ever have on the town.

Kelly leads Ian up to an SUV limousine containing a bachelorette party comprised of hot girls with Reggie Watts acting as the limo's MC. Ian is chauffeured to a dressing room where the lovely Minka Kelly properly dresses him up for a night out. Ian is then brought to a tall building with a party on one of the upper levels. During the elevator ride, the car stops and Don Cheadle leads a huge llama inside next to Ian, who recognizes War Machine's actor instantly. Kelly turns out to have a twin sister, and the party that Don, the Kelly twins and Ian end up at features nothing but other twins, who are all extremely gorgeous. Ian then finds himself reaching teaser's headlined confrontation with Arnold. During Ian's bout with the Terminator something crazy happens (which we won't spoil for you here), and it's nothing short of spectacular.

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