The Suds Hut, which has occupied its little corner on Broadwater Avenue for 42 years, is closed.

Late last month, owner Charlie Schmidt made the decision to shut it down after struggling for more than a year to find a good cook and reliable servers

After nearly four decades downtown, Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters will be closing its Billings store this summer, the store announced late Thursday.

Taubert's main location, a large store in Casper, Wyoming, will remain open and now serve as the only Lou Taubert outlet.

Good Earth on Second Avenue North Closed as well.

Other business have open which is good news.  But the passing of businesses is just a cycle.  Remember JB’s, The Kit Kat, Frost Top, Sizzler, Royal Fork. I'm sure you can think of many others.  As the song goes, the times are a changing.

Sorry to business close but it's also exciting to see new ones open.

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