I have heard some of my friends talking about what Billings needs. One of those "things we need" that I heard talked about for so many years was an outdoor amphitheater.  It was announced recently that we're going to get one and it will be close to downtown. This is another heavily discussed item "How are we going to revitalize the downtown area".

My idea won't single-handedly save downtown, but it will help. Here it is. Downtown Billings needs a carousel. Little kids love them. And grown-ups love taking their kids on them. Our daughter loves them We've taken her to the one in Helena and the one in Missoula. Only the Missoula one is downtown though.

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The Missoula carousel has massive amounts of parking available and it is also within walking distance of restaurants, bars, and shopping. Win-win. And if you are so motivated, you can take the walking path that goes right by the carousel and walk all the way to a football game at Washington - Grizzly stadium.

Helena's carousel isn't downtown, but it is in an area that is also close to shopping and eating. Plus they have a pretty nifty kids science museum right next door along with some outdoor musical instruments that kids like to play. And maybe some of us adults too.

So there you go. Something good for downtown that serves all ages. Now we just need to find a lot with some parking, somewhere downtown and build us a carousel.  Good clean fun for all.

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