Just north of Great Falls is the sleepy little town of Carter, a community of 58 residents. All work hard and get along well.

They would spend time together at the Rocking K bar. In Montana, especially small towns, bars are the social centers of those communities. They are a place to gather and talk about everything from the weather to grain prices.

Well, the Rocking K was sold to someone who wants to turn it into a strip club. Folks are pretty up in arms over this coming to their town.  I'm sure that the new owner has applied for all of the proper permits. And in the good old US of A, you have certain freedoms -- even if you want to open up this kind of business.

I don't personally know one single guy who has been to a club like this. That is if you ask him in front of his wife. What do you think? If the business owner follows the existing laws, should he be permitted to open this place up? Or, should a small town majority be able to keep it from happening?