First came Craig Kilborn, then Jon Stewart, followed by Stephen Colbert, and now...Chris Hardwick? According to Comedy Central, the "Nerdist" host of AMC's 'Talking Dead' will soon launch his own late-night talk show to debut this fall, following new episodes of 'The Colbert Report' at midnight. Could Chris Hardwick be the next big name in late-night? Find out for yourself inside!

Any 'The Walking Dead' fan would no doubt recognize Chris Hardwick as an internet and late-night friendly personality, as well as host of follow-up talk-show 'Talking Dead.' Hardwick has been the center of the "Nerdist" media group for years, but now will test the waters of late-night in a new talk show airing four nights a week on Comedy Central, according to Deadline.

The as-yet-untitled series will debut on Comedy Central this fall, airing in the midnight slot the immediately follows 'The Daily Show' spinoff 'The Colbert Report.' 'Reno 911!' vets Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant will serve as executive producers/showrunners, while the series itself will be a comedic panel show heavily integrates a social-media presence.

Comedy Central and Will Ferrell/Adam McKay’s Funny Or Die will produce, along with Brillstein Entertainment Partners and Nerdist Industries. What say you? Do you think Chris Hardwick will make the next great late-night host with his new Comedy Central series?