Just when you thought that the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic couldn't get more interesting, Oscar-winning actor (and former Batman) Christian Bale gets thrown into the mix as the top choice to play the iconic tech genius. This movie doesn't even have a title and it already has our attention.

The news comes via The Wrap, who report that director David Fincher is really only interested in the project if he can get Bale to play Jobs ... and we imagine that he'll get his wish. After all, both Fincher and Bale are intense perfectionists, so it's a match pretty much made in heaven (or hell, should they start butting heads). In any case, Bale certainly seems like a better fit for the part than Ashton Kutcher was in the ill-fated and instantly forgotten 'Jobs.' We approve.

Should Bale officially join the project (and this is far from a sure thing), he'd be joining a production that is not only being helmed by David Fincher, but written by Aaron Sorkin and produced by Scott Rudin. This is the dream team that transformed 'The Social Network' into an unlikely critical and financial success. Bale is currently on a sabbatical after playing Moses in Ridley Scott's 'Exodus,' but this sounds like the kind of project that would rouse his interest.

The film will eschew the typical biopic formula and focus on three major events in Jobs' life, which means the film requires an actor, writer and director who can make such an odd structure compelling. This could be the team to pull it off.

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