I do enjoy eating my lunches and dinners out.

Since I moved to Billings a little over a year ago, I have had the opportunity to try some quality, locally-owned establishments.

Lemon Grass for Thai food on King Avenue West, Jakes on First Avenue North or Ten on First Avenue North at the Northern Hotel for a good steak. And, of course, Stella's on First Avenue North for breakfast.

I had never been to Commons 1882 and was invited to try it. The food is absolutely incredible. I ordered the Gruyere Patty Melt from the lunch menu and was quite pleased -- melted Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, and Thousand Island dressing on Rye.  It was truly one of the best patty melts I have had, and I am a fan.

The restaurant is a refurbished old home at 404 N.  30th St. They offer private dining and a really nice bar if you wish to partake. If you are looking for a great lunch at a very reasonable price, try Commons 1882.  You will be impressed.



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