'Community' season 5 has soldiered on admirably in the wake of both Donald Glover and Chevy Chase's departures, though the chances of a sixth season (and, of course, the movie) remain somewhat murky. We might have one bit of good news, though, as a new rumor suggests Glover might make a quick return to the hallowed halls of Greendale, at least for the finale!

Take this with a reasonable grain of salt, mind you, but a new report at Uproxx has alerted us to a somewhat less-than-credible suggestion that Glover himself sent an e-mail to his fans confirming the return. Glover will supposedly participate in a "hackathon” next week at SXSW in the guise of Childish Gambino, a “Deep Web Tour” that signing up for additional information brought a cryptic e-mail to multiple accounts from a "childishness69," which says:

Hey fans, Childish Gambino here. I really hope you are excited for this hackathon. More info coming soon.

p.s. I am returning to Community, because the internet.



Normally, we'd ignore something so baseless and bizarre, but a quick Reddit investigation alerted us to an Easter egg from last week's "Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality," in which the blackboard of the study room contained the following message:

Has anyone heard from Troy?

Is it true? He may have fallen into a perfect storm? His last contact location was DMS 70" 23" 49.68". Could a "live" 'Troy & Abed in the Morning" Via Satellite be on the horizon?

Throw us a lifeline!

GCC 513

Community Season 5 Donald Glover Troy Finale Return

We'd be hard-pressed to ignore the "513," the episode number of 'Community''s as-yet-unscheduled fifth season finale. Another screengrab from earlier installment "Analysis of Cork-Bade Networking" even obliquely referenced Troy's worldwide voyage, saying in a news headline, "BREAKING NEWS: LeVar Burton and non-celebrity companion captured by pirates in the Gulf of Mexico." Still, even in a closing tag, it would certainly fit the show's brand of humor to have Glover pop up in a recorded segment, one final sendoff before 'Community' closes out its still-potentially-final season.

Well, what do you think? Is the Donald Glover e-mail a hoax? What do you make of the blackboard writing? Stay tuned for a new 'Community' season 5 review later tonight, and give us your prediction for the remainder of the season in the comments!

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