Corey Taylor joked about when Slipknot’s new member would be confirmed as an official member of the band.

The latest arrival replaced percussionist Chris Fehn, who left acrimoniously earlier this year after accusing his colleagues of misleading him over business dealings – an allegation Taylor denied.

As a result of the new man’s mask, he’s been nicknamed “Tortilla Man” by Slipknot fans, who have been hoping to identify him in the way they pursued the identities of Alessandro Venturella and Jay Weinberg when they joined five years ago.

“You've got to wear the tortilla on your face first of all, and the audience has to figure out who you are,” Taylor told Revolver when asked how the new man could be confirmed as a permanent fixture. He added that “Tortilla face -- he's doing great. He's a great dude and is killing it, man. It's kind of cool. It's brought this whole new energy to everybody as well. So it's a lot of fun to watch him.”

He added that the band members felt closer than ever, partly as a result of the death of Shawn “Clown” Crahan’s 22-year-old daughter in May. The resulting act of having “circled the wagons” to protect him from “the dark side of social media” was an illustration that they were “still brothers,” Taylor said. “And that's been reflected in being on tour. Like, we have all really just kind of bonded again, like seeing that. And it's weird too because it's like we all kind of feel like we can enjoy it again, in a weird way. You know, like there's nothing kind of picking at the seams or trying to pull us apart, or trying start some weird shit. It's just us getting ready to go and, and we're going harder than we ever have. Or at least as much as our bodies will let us.”

Meanwhile, Slipknot guitarist Jim Root said he’d been right to leave Stone Sour after having spent more than 15 years as a member of Taylor’s other band. “Corey and I are much closer now,” Root told Metal Hammer. “It’s the best thing, me leaving Stone Sour. We would have just ended up killing each other and driving each other crazy. … I needed it, this band needed it and Stone Sour certainly needed it. I just didn’t have the time to commit that I’d have liked. I think they were tired of my shitty attitude, that’s for sure.”


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