Wyoming is full of stunning views.

Many of us are greeted by them when we walk out of our homes or look out of the window.

Even Wyomingites that live in town only have to drive for 10 minutes or so to find a spot where they can enjoy the beautiful scenes that Wyoming is known for.

But, I feel comfortable saying that those who are willing to travel a bit off the beaten path tend to find the BEST views.

Cathy Holman
Cathy Holman

Scenery that can only be described as gorgeous, or maybe even epic.

Vast mountain ranges, rushing streams and rivers, gently rolling hills covered in brilliant and bold wildflowers, and massive rock formations are a few of the things I've seen as I've hiked through the backcountry of Wyoming.

Hiking for miles along Wyoming's trails isn't for everyone and takes a lot of time and effort...

For those of you that long for the gorgeous Wyoming views but don't want to put in the effort, maybe horseback is the way to go?

After watching this stunning TikTok video from a Wyoming cowboy that works outside of Jackson, I feel like taking in Wyoming's views via horseback might be something you're inspired to try.

@brandonking2484On top of the world #NightDoneRight #nature #wyoming #views #edgy #travel #getafterit♬ Oh No I Hope I Don't Fall... - IndieHay

Isn't that view amazing? And I love how Brandon left in the original sound so you could hear the Wyoming wind as you watched him and his horse gallop across the side of the mountain. If you liked that video you'll probably like this one he shared of him and his crew gathering up horses from the mountain pasture.  

Pony Hunting ##morning ##wyoming ##nature ##views ##badponies ##wandering
♬ original sound - BrandonKing2484

It doesn't get more Wyoming than that.

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