When I'm not having fun with you on the radio, my full-time job is professional real estate sales. So, you can imagine I've seen some fairly odd things while showing houses to potential buyers. Like this sweet stove from 1971 in the picture.

At a different listing, the sellers had left behind two old Kirby vacuums, one looked to be from the late '60s.  It actually still works well. In fact, it's the only vacuum cleaner my teenage kid hasn't ruined while cleaning debris from his nasty teenager bedroom. Gross.

I haven't seen anything really disturbing at a property... yet. However, I follow this funny Facebook page called The Lighter Side of Real Estate and holy moly! You gotta hear some of the stuff people have left behind when they've sold their house. Here are some disturbing highlights of what was found after the owners left their homes:

Vivianne  - Some sort of “pump” in the bathroom vanity. And a vibrating thing. My buyer immediately went to Home Depot and bought bleach for that drawer.


Cris Naked mannequin. In the semi finished attic of a foreclosure with no power. Found it with a flashlight and about had a heart attack!


Staci - A mirror on the bedroom ceiling of my 86 yr old seller and his girlfriend.  Worst part is it’s my uncles house. Lol slightly disturbed but oddly proud. ‍♀️


Erinn - A Tupperware full of marijuana in the freezer. I asked my buyers if they wanted it removed, they politely declined and kept it all

Then there was the porn. So much porn. Ashes of deceased relatives and pets were not unheard of. And lots of, ahem, toys. Have you ever found anything weird in a home you purchased? Let's hear it in the Comments.


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