Curling - Winter Olympics Day - 1
Getty Images

Yep, it was the big hit of the Olympics.  Curling.  I used to watch curling on NBC at 11 pm on Saturdays.  (it was the only channel we had and roller derby just got over from 10-11).  Well, for all of you hipsters, you can go watch curling tonight.  The Big Sky State Games are holding a curling event tonight at 5:30 at Centennial Ice Arena.  Feel the rush of the rock or stone being slide down the ice and the other folks sweeping away.  ( I remember Friday nights in my apartment back in the 80's that had to do with stoned and sweeping, but that's another conversation for another day)  On a serious note, check it out tonight.  By the way since I'm on a sports beat, congratulations to all of the athletes today at Special Olympics at Wendy's field at Daylis Stadium.

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