The Dark Knight Rises‘ hits theaters in about 10 days but if you just can’t wait much longer, you can get your fix with the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ soundtrack, which you can listen to – in full – right now.

Hans Zimmer’s full soundtrack is now online for your listening pleasure and it pretty much sounds like the score to a ‘Dark Knight’ film (and we mean that in a good way). Zimmer has scored all three of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films (and reunited with the director for another upcoming superhero film, ‘Man of Steel‘).

If you want to remain 100% pure going into the film, you might want to look out for spoilers in the track titles, though there’s nothing major in there.

The soundtrack will be available for purchase on July 16th and if you want to win a copy, you should enter our ‘Dark Knight Rises’ contest, where we’re giving away a ton of cool Batman toys. Listen to the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ soundtrack below.



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