I'm generally pretty handy when it comes to fixing stuff. I've rebuilt an engine. Did a frame-up rebuild on a motorcycle. I can read a schematic and have a decent general knowledge of basic electronic and mechanical repairs. With a repair manual, I can repair just about anything. So, when the wife suggested I should try to fix our broken washing machine, I couldn't just cop-out and say, "I don't know how." She'd call B.S.

Shortly after my kid overloaded the washer with a ton of blankets, sheets, and stinky teenager clothing, my washer stopped spinning fast enough to get the water out of the clothes. WHY DO THE KIDS RUIN EVERYTHING!?! The tank would drain, but it would spin soooo slowly, that the clothes were still soaking wet.

YouTube quickly showed me how easy it is to replace my burnt out washing machine clutch. Surely, that was the problem. After a quick stop at a local appliance parts wholesaler/retailer, I had the $50 part and a head full of confidence. I watched the video one more time and busted out the toolbox. It WAS an easy job!

Washing machines are surprisingly simple devices, with basically a motor, a pump, and a simple timing mechanism. They really haven't changed much in around 75 years. Unless you get one of the fancy new Bluetooth models. Seriously? I have zero desire for a Bluetooth washing machine. Anyway...

Piece of cake, right? I swapped out the new clutch. It really only took like 1/2 an hour and was really simple. Proud of my accomplishment, I plugged it back in, hooked up the water hoses, cracked a beer and went outside to putz around in the yard. A job well done! I saved money by doing it myself! I showed "the man!"

An hour later, the wife tells me, "bad news... it's not working right". Aaarrrgggh!! Maybe it's the pump. Maybe I'll go back to YouTube and see what else the problem could be.  Or, maybe I'll just call a service tech.


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