If your a single women, with an older vehicle.  A good mechanic is worth their weight in gold.  I'm serious, I can't be the only women that feels like there's a giant over charge me sign on them when you walk into a mechanic.

I have been driving the same vehicle for 12 years, yeah!  12 years! It's been a great Jeep, starts every time.  But last year it started having problems.  An older high mileage vehicle, problems?  I know your shocked.

Sam hooked me up with Big Sky in Huntley.  These guys are great!  If you give them the work, they will even tow your vehicle for free.  What a deal.

I'm not writing this blog because they did the work on my Jeep for free.  That's not what's going on here.  I paid them in full for their work.  But you have to know, they took my call on Saturday and a holiday weekend at that.  They don't talk to me like I'm special because I'm a women.  And I get the same price as everyone else.  Man or women.

Need a mechanic that will take good care of you?  Next time talk to Big Sky in Huntley.  Great people!