A few months ago, I channeled my inner investigative journalist and tried to get a response from our local Billings Food Bank about their hidden 4th rule for anyone needing food. As you may know, that didn't go so well... but since then, I've had many of YOU reach out and share your story about the Food Bank.

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A Quick Recap

ICYMI, essentially a few months ago the Billings Food Bank came to my attention after multiple reports of people being turned away thanks to the "Hidden 4th Rule", which was "We also need to know if you have gotten assistance from anywhere else". Now, that seems reasonable, to keep a running tally of who gets assistance from multiple places... or those who just go to one. However, what we discovered was, if you DO get assistance elsewhere, you are turned away from the Billings Food Bank.

I encourage you to read that article in full, as it shines a light on a very broken system we have in our community... and one that absolutely will not be questioned.

What Did The Food Bank Do Now?

I had a gentleman reach out named Robert with photos of the food he received from the food bank on 9-11-2023. Now, according to Robert, he went to the Billings Food Bank on Friday, September 8th, to get a food box for his family.

Robert has fallen on hard times as of late, so of course, he is relying on the Billings Food Bank for help. Or, at least, that is what you should be able to rely on.

Robert told us:

Hi Josh,
We went to the Billings Food Bank and this is what we got. Our strawberries are Moldy and the rolls we got are bad. This isn't good, we got this food on Friday and it's already bad. I'm tired of trying to get help and getting this to eat. We can't eat it, the food is crap.

He's pretty blunt about his words, but yes, it is clear that the food he received is inedible.

Credit: Robert, Email Submission
Credit: Robert, Email Submission
Credit: Robert, Email Submission
Credit: Robert, Email Submission

At least, even going hungry, I would not eat it. Thankfully for those in need, Billings offers multiple alternatives to the Billings Food Bank (Family Service, meals from St Vincent De Paul, etc.) However, I did remind Robert to try Family Service, as they have a good track record of providing edible food to those in need.

Asking For Comment

In the past, we have made multiple attempts for comment from Sheryle Shandy, as highlighted in the article. I went further, calling 3 separate times since the posting of that article, in hopes I could chat with Sheryle about the Food Bank... and their plans to prevent moldy/extremely expired items from reaching those in need... but have been unsuccessful.

Today, I did call and leave a message with the front desk for Sheryle to comment on this situation, however, I have not received a call back... and if history is anything to go on, I'm not holding my breath.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Can you believe that a place designed to help those in need would provide moldy/rotten food? Do you donate to the Food Bank? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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