It seems like fewer and fewer people decorate for Christmas. The older I get the fewer lights I see on houses, but things are starting to look up, again.

When I was a kid, I used to see every house is our little decorated community with lights and yard ornaments. This was awesome for me. I love to see the lights and mechanical yard blow ups or whatever they're called.

The day after Thanksgiving, my boys and I jumped up on the house and put up our lights. They've been shining ever since. After all, Santa needs to know where he's going, right?

Not one of my neighbors did anything, until this past weekend. We were solo light fliers until about four or five of our neighbors decided to join in the game. One put up an inflatable snowman and the others put up lights.

This made my kids happy. The neighborhood is starting to look a lot more festive.

Do you and your neighbors partake in the festivities? Show me some pics and tell me about them at 406-248-5665.