Recently, it came to my attention that... for some odd reason... phone books are still being used in 2023. It's a shock to me, someone who has a smartphone and a computer... as anything I need I can simply go to Google, type in the business, and BOOM... there is the number.

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Even those older people in my life utilize Google (or whatever search engine they want) to find information on a business. Heck... I haven't even SEEN a modern phone book.

Though... it got me thinking... if someone actually wanted a phone book in 2023, where do you get one? Can you just stop into Spectrum and grab one?

It's A Digital World

Well, my first thought was... our local library. They are THE place for books. After a quick call to the Billings Public Library, the helpful person on the line said they DO have current phone books... but not for you to take home for good. They are in the reference section, and ready for those to use.

They did note that if someone comes in needing information, and that person isn't one to use technology... they'll usually just do it for them on Google.

I called up This House of Books here in Billings, to inquire if they... a book STORE... knew where someone would get one. They said they have things to write numbers in... but nope, no phone book.

Time To Learn How To Google

Sadly, I've come to the determination that phone books are indeed a thing of the past. Though, you CAN order one... Online... if need be. Times have certainly changed (for the better if you ask me because flipping through page after page for one number... only to learn it had been changed... was not my favorite past time)

What are your thoughts? Do you still use a phone book? Or have you moved on to the digital era, like almost everyone else? Let us know via App Chat or on Facebook.

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