From the Billings Police Department:

Today, BPD announced a reminder to all Billings residents that the Special Olympics Torch Run will be taking place in Billings today on North 27th Street.

The runners will be departing from Montana State University Billings (MSUB), heading to the Federal Court House.

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Commuters should be aware that there will be some minor traffic disruptions and delays during the Torch Run, especially down North 27th Street. The Billings Police Department along with the Special Olympics of Montana are asking for your understanding and patience as the runners make their way through the route.

About Magic in the City - State Summer Games

Special Olympics is not just about sports; it’s a celebration of abilities and a showcase of the incredible talents of athletes with intellectual disabilities. State Summer Games provide a platform for these individuals to compete, socialize, and forge lasting connections. Beyond the medals and accolades, the event is a testament to the strength, resilience, and unwavering spirit of the athletes.

For many athletes, the journey to the State Summer Games is marked by hard work, dedication, and countless hours of training. Coaches, families, and volunteers play pivotal roles in supporting the athletes along this path. The games become a culmination of these efforts, a moment where dreams are realized, and each participant is recognized for their unique strengths and accomplishments.

You can learn more about Magic in the City - 2024 through 2024 State Summer Games by clicking the button below.

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